Emily Kinski's Dead

Emily Kinski’s dead

EMILY KINSKI’S DEAD was born out of a fondness for post-punk and new wave from the early 80s, combined with contemporary electronics.

The album title A TIME TO LOVE AND A TIME TO DIE refers to the novel of the same name by ERICH MARIA REMARQUE. The album’s lyrics are about the life and death of fictional Emily Kinski. In LOST IN KRASNOYARSK we dive into the remains of the Soviet gulag, BLACK SNOW settles accounts with Trump, WHEN WE WERE YOUNG AGAIN fantasizes what it would be like to live in the 80s again. There is also room for experimental lyrics, for example COLD KINSKI combines film titles by KLAUS KINSKI with well-known New Wave classics and weaves a very own story out of them.

EMILY KINSKI’S DEAD was founded in 2021 by OLIVER SPRING, RENEĢ EBNER and THOMAS KOWA. They were members of NO COMMENT and SLEEPWALK, as NINE SECONDS they released multiple CDs together.

The release of the album is accompanied by various videos, there are also exclusive songs and alternative mixes for two EPs available. Live concerts are in preparation and of course there will be a sequel to A TIME TO LOVE AND A TIME TO DIE.